A yarn in the classic definition is a yarn available in greater thicknesses. It is made of natural or synthetic fibers or a mixture of them. Yarns are used to make knitted fabrics, both by machine and by hand. Depending on the composition of the yarn, it can be used to make clothes, accessories such as shawls, scarves or hats, everyday items such as children's blankets, rugs, handbags, shopping nets, etc. The yarn can also be used to make various decorative accessories and toys. In our store you can buy yarns of very different composition. Most of them are sold in skeins, balls or pretzels weighing 25, 50 or 100 g. The thickness of individual yarns is determined in meters per 50 or 100 grams. Liloppi.pl offers yarns of the highest quality with a very diverse composition. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the skeins on our virtual shelves. We are convinced that everyone will find something for themselves here.


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